Taking possession
    of your dreams
    and your desire
    to awaken
    the imagination.



    beautiful writing,
    to translate
    a dream.



    Putting an
    equal measure
    of passion
    into your story
    through fluid and
    elegant writing.


aux yeux

Poudre aux yeux transcends the world of dreams and illusion to give expression to all that is beautiful, desirable and dazzling, with a touch of impertinence and audacity. Conveying, describing and translating the radiance of a color, the softness of a cream, the effects of a draped cut, the shape of packaging… and expressing it with your words, your brand’s spirit and your communication style, while taking possession of your dreams and your desire to awaken the imagination.

elevating beauty
through respect
for exquisite

Poudre aux yeux was founded in 2011, based on extensive experience acquired in the corporate world and communication agencies and driven by a strong desire to create an independent professional activity. Poudre aux yeux elevates and enhances beauty through respect for exquisite objects, expertise, the traditions of leading luxury houses and the innovation of niche brands.

Precise words
a flowing style
and a stardust quality

Poudre aux yeux plays with the beauty of the French language adding stardust quality to content, with a writing style that respects your brand’s signature and DNA. Today’s marketing communication requires expertise in the intricacies of a language as well as storytelling, and in-depth knowledge of the subject. The fields of Beauty and Fashion demand precise words, a flowing style with a touch of stardust.


  • Beauty Cosmetics


  • Beauty Cosmetics


  • Beauty Cosmetics


  • Fashion


  • Fashion


Poudre aux yeux harbors a love for the beauty
of the French language, choosing the most
accurate words to describe your dreams.


Today's marketing communication requires expertise in the intricacies of a language as well as storytelling, and in-depth knowledge of the subject.

  • Editorial services

    Content creation and copywriting
    Developing communication tools. Copy editing in line with visual layouts.

    Website content, product fact sheets, blog articles, community management of social networks, storytelling.

    Reports – interviews
    Raw material suppliers, specific brand-based themes, regions showcased by your products.

    Post-production editing
    Proof-reading, content editing, re-writing.

  • Cross-cultural services

    From English into French and German into French. Transcreation, translation-adaptation.

    back translation
    To better understand the competition or the communication strategy of your subsidiaries.

    Semiological studies on brand names and product names in French. Development of glossaries for your brand-specific terminology needs.

    Consecutive interpretation
    Interpreting during formal or informal meetings with your French or German speaking business partners.

  • Consulting services

    On-site translation
    Assistance in implementing in-house procedures for translating your communication materials. Reviewing the current language management system, needs analysis, recruiting the most qualified language service providers in all language combinations. Organizational support for bidding and solution design.
    Consulting in human resources management for multiple language needs, cost optimization, translation project management support tools, language project scheduling.

    Business intelligence
    Monitoring the communication and marketing language used for the cosmetic, fashion and luxury sectors on the Internet and in published media. Benchmarking marketing terminology.

Creative translation for advertising media
requiring cultural adaptation.


Agnès Portais,
Founder and manager of Poudre aux yeux,
freelance copywriter and translator.

Poudre aux yeux was created in 2011 by Agnès Portais. Parisian by adoption, Agnès rapidly developed a taste for language and the desire to look beyond borders. After completing her studies in literature and linguistics (Hypokhâgne, ISIT), her professional experiences opened the doors to the world of luxury, fashion and beauty, putting her in contact with communication agencies and leading prestige brands representing French elegance and sophistication (Chaumet, Parfums Christian Dior).

Fond of showcasing the beauty of objects through language and a particular style and wanting to put her creativity to work, Agnès decided to launch Poudre aux yeux to build a bridge between languages and cultures and effortlessly transform ideas into words that awaken the imagination.

Working with English, German and French, Agnès helps define and structure language strategies using her project management and editorial marketing skills, while remaining abreast of all current Fashion and Beauty trends.


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Featured Articles
Isabelle C.Isabelle C.Lavera Naturkosmetik
“ The team was extremely satisfied with the most recent translation that Agnès completed and (the client) was adamant about having her continue to do all of the translations for the company! ”
Floriane L.Floriane L.Shiseido
“ The article is now published on the blog and is very nice. We are extremely satisfied! ”“ Thank you for this fabulous article both in terms of visuals and content. ”“ We read your article and found the subject highly interesting. Moreover, it is very well written. ”
Agnes M.Agnes M.Beautyterm
“ I have had the pleasure of working with Agnès on several occasions. She has thorough knowledge of the beauty and translation industries. As a translator, she is not only expertly aware of the nuances of language but also very much in tune with her clients' needs. She is detail-oriented, dependable and meticulous. ”

Types of copy

Primary packaging
Secondary packaging
Product inserts…
PLVPOS materials
Newspaper and magazine inserts
Editorial advertisements
Press releases
Press kits
Promotional brochures…
Sales tools
Product displays
Consumer brochures, Banners
Stickers, Window display signs,
Corporate web sites,
E-commerce sites
Product mini-sites
Blogs, I-pad applications
Contests, Social networks
PPT presentations
Product platforms
Seminars, Speeches
In-house newsletters…
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